The Rise of 5G: U.S to Reduce Reliance on Huawei Tech

5G Leading Us INto Changing the Future

First, 5G is a next gen telecommunications network that has been under ongoing development in the US. As of late the US has been at a constant battle with the Chinese tech development of Huawei Technologies Co. Now seeking to control the very aspect of 5G nationally and the capabilities of such network, the US acts fast.

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US Plans and Huawei Advancing

“The big-picture concept is to have all of the U.S. 5G architecture and infrastructure done by American firms, principally,” 

Larry Kudlow, White House Economic Adviser

The White House is now working with U.S. technology companies. While working alongside these companies the goal is to advance our software for next-generation 5G telecommunications. This is a faster network that not only has the capability to change the talk around communication, but most importantly how we communicate. 5G goes beyond cellular phones, it will change the way we do everything.

The development of the process would be through the work attempts by some U.S. telecom and technology companies to okay and;or agree on familiar engineering standards. This in hindsight would allow 5G software developers to run code ranging on any manufactured hardware.

The ultimate vision is to further reduce the US reliance on Huawei Tech Co. The problem however, remains in the fact that US companies do not have a negotiated license to operate on such. In conclusion this would put all efforts and the initial combined product behind a year or two . This was also explained by Andy Purdy, Huawei’s chief U.S. security officer.

Will America Experience 5G backed by American Software/Architecture?

At the moment, its harder than it sounds. With the rest of the world being highly reliant on the tech and networking coming out Huawei, the answer is we can’t. Thus, acting internationally the US has tried to Huawei banned. Unfortunately this is harder for countries like the U.K.

Larry Kudlow expressed that he hoped the software project would help the U.K. reverse its recent decision. This decision was to permit Huawei to build part of its 5G network. It was a decision the U.S. believed was a mistake.

The software developing push has actually attracted some interest from U.K. officials. The officials want domestic cellphone carriers to have more suppliers to choose from. At the current moment Huawei and a few other rivals are the limited few they choose from. So the development is gaining favor.

What about U.S. Companies?

Administration can’t decide whether U.S. companies should continue to supplement the firm. The firm is on a Commerce Department blacklist.

The Defense Department recently opposed a Commerce rule that would close a loophole allowing U.S. firms to continue selling computer chips and other products that aren’t deemed sensitive from a national-security perspective.

The DoD had shortly opposed a rule of Commerce. The rule had created a way to close a loophole. Thus, allowing firms in the US to continue selling comp. chips and etc. These products are definitively not “sensitive” as put by the Wall Street Journal.

Thus In Conclusion……….

The Pentagon claimed that if U.S. companies lose Huawei as a customer it will be bad for profits. Profits are how they continue their research. If Huawei’s removed that means they will have fewer profits to pour into research and development. Which, is all entirely bad.

Kudlow stated “We don’t want to put our great companies out of business; the president is a strong believer in that,” “But on the other hand, we are very aware that Huawei is a threat to our national security.” This has forced many to think about future involvement and development of 5G networks in America.

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