Fortnite Update V11.50: Event Details and Patch Update


Earlier today, Fortnite received an update that has been long anticipated. Some have found the update to be smaller than expected and to some the updated was massive. Today we will breakdown what to expect from this update including all patch note details. As a result of the previous update V11.40, many stayed waiting around for the Valentines Update. The 11.40 had been the only released update since the start of the New year. So fans wanted more.

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Fortnite V11.50

First let’s talk about the new Unreal Chaos Engine…..

Fortnite has introduced the new Unreal Chaos Engine. The Engine is a physics-focused system within Epic’s Unreal Engine, and unfortunately some bugs have come with it.. The shift to Epic’s new physics system was discussed multiple times over the last consecutive weeks and today players across the world were introduced to the system. And not for the better. However, there were other things the update introduced that could still outweigh the negative on the scale. 

First, in what many thought was going to be an event revolved around Harley Quinn, turns out Fortnite had something entirely different. A new event for players, “Love and War” immerses players into S&D to earn rewards for tasks. New search and destroy objectives task players with missions to eliminate opponents and etc. Above all, this update forces players to really interact and use the new LTM mode.

The Love and War Event gives players the opportunity to  unlock new loading screens, the Beacon Trance wrap, the “I Declare!” emote, the Twilight Strikers harvesting tool, and much much more.

Harley Quinn?

The Harley Quinn Skin

After the leak, many thought the character would be used in an event. Subsequently, the Harley Quinn skin is another thing players have been teased by with this new update. That is to say, Fortnite left hidden patch data for players to obtain some outfits. Some as iconic as the 2016 Suicide Squad outfit we see the character wear in the movie. To even more iconic as the latest outfit we will come to see her in on February 10th.

Guess Who’s Back?

That’s right! They are back. Launch Pads have been revived after the travel facilitating contraption had been silenced as of late. Now making a grand return into the game, many are excited to get back to using the old friend.

All of this brings a way for players to stay busy as they wait for the 2nd Season of Chapter 2 to start later this month.

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