Amazon moving to an Electric Delivery Vehicle by Rivian


All part of Amazon’s goal to become carbon neutral by 2040, Jeff Bezos stated that he plans to purchase 100,000 electric vehicles. Having teamed up with Rivian to make this possible, it spells something new for 2020. Amazon hoping to move towards this goal by 2024, Bezos also states that he hopes to be fully efficient and have all the Rivian models out on the road by then. Rivian has been more of a “silent revolution” than GMC’s Hummer EV.

Rivian To change the EV Market

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With their foot in the door, Rivian is beginning to show its potential in changing the market for EV’s. This coming directly after, FedEx move to end its ground and air contracts with Amazon going into the coming Summer. Subsequently this may have put FedEx in a tougher position.

Amazon’s $700 Million Dollar Investment into Rivian

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First, Amazon’s investment came directly after some reported increases to Rivian’s portfolio this year. Rivian had announced a $350 million investment made by Cox Automotive earlier this year. Amazon chipped in with an extra $700 million dollar investment at the beginning of this February. Also including Ford, who made a $500 million dollar investment last April. Having been silenced by Tesla’s production as of 2019, Rivian sat back and focused on their own craft. With the anticipation rising as they plan to work on their new releases for 2021, Rivian is here to stay.

Meanwhile, Rivian’s engineering, design, and work overall has gained them the attention they need and are living up to it quite well. Rivian is making a name for itself and we at Plug Plug are excited to see how far it takes them. Fully invested into the passion and drive the people at Rivian are holding. In conclusion, they are truly a company to be on the lookout for in the future. Carrying the potential to start changing the EV market.