GMC Hummer EV vs. Rivian- Plug’s Opinion


Can Rivian and their production compete with the new GMC Hummer? After the Kansas City Chiefs took home the win last night, many people are excited for many reasons. We can also say GMC gained the most attention with their teasing, showing off their latest development, the GMC Hummer EV. The company collaborated with Lebron James to bring about this “Quiet Revolution”. Today we bring to you not an update, but a speculation on the company that truly has the capacity to compete with the GMC Hummer?

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Who is Rivian?

In 2009 the public was introduced to Rivian. A company devoted to creating electric vehicles and sustainable transportation. With the new Hummer EV, Rivian comes into the spotlight for our post today. The Rivian production of the R1S and R1T models for 2021 are said to start production this fall for 2020. Having these vehicles specifically pre-ordered, Rivian is most likely the best competitor for GMC. In the long run the specs being produced by the Rivian RT1 pick up truck are the most comparable to what GMC hopes to accomplish. Today we will discuss whether or not we should expect to see more from Rivian. Also how their line of vehicles give us a little bit of insight into the market itself.

For more information on the R1T click here

With Rivian producing the R1T it gives the public a general idea of how we are to estimate the cost of the Hummer EV. The Rivian R1T offers several components that we at Plug Plug believe are comparable to the GMC.

What is Rivian producing?

The R1T will be Rivian’s most anticipated release. The vehicle highlights the capability to run 750 horsepower. Like GMC the Rivian electric truck will also be able to go 0-60 in 3 seconds. With a smaller max towing capacity of of 11,000 lbs. Along wit 890 lbs. of torque. One thing that can be appreciated by the company is their understanding that a standard gas vehicle holds enough gallons to go about 400 miles. So the R1T will also have an electric capacity to run the car for 400+ miles.

The R1T along with the R1S produced by Rivian in our opinion have the ability to compete with GMC and their Hummer EV likewise. Subsequently still not exactly meeting the estimated promise GMC has made, Rivian delivers their line at a pretty good standing. Both these companies although not producing definitively affordable vehicles for the public. They are however producing vehicles with the capability to perform on and off road. Rivian has established itself and has been able to produce a vehicle solely designed for adventure and exploration. Along with the tech that comes inside the vehicle is astonishing.

What’s it running?

First, all Rivian vehicles use their skateboard chassis to house their quad motors.Second it will be completely reliant upon these four individual motors. These motors on each axle wheel makes this electric vehicle all wheel drive. Each motor capable of producing 200 HP. Above all, including an independent air suspension. Thus the vehicles becomes capable of a higher ground clearance. The battery they developed happened to be the world’s largest battery ever to be placed inside a vehicle. Engineered and designed to be extremely durable.

The vehicle will also be reliant upon Rivian’s cloud based architecture. Perfectly engineered, the screen’s programming will be enhanced to optimize on security and efficiency. (using an Ethernet backbone). The starting price for the Rivian starts out at an expected $65,000-$72,000 depending on the configuration. So, in hindsight it makes us here at Plug Plug come to think that the Hummer EV will be priced slightly above that something even more expensive.


If that is the case then Hummer fans should start putting back or start looking at alternatives. The next best thing by specs alone happen to be the electric vehicles in the Rivian line up. We are expecting great things from both vehicles, and are ready for the reveal of the Hummer EV. We will do our best to keep everyone posted on updates for both vehicles and the market. Stay plugged, keep plugging into your success.

That’s the Plug’s Opinion. Happy to bring you the latest news in tech. Keeping you up to date on everything you could ever need to know. Keep Plugging into Your Success. We will Keep you posted on everything we possibly can from GMC’s updates to other spectator’s reviews.