Hummer EV by GMC: Super Bowl Tease- Plug’s Opinion

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We promised to keep you up to date on everything regarding the GMC Hummer Ev. GMC delivered as promised during the Super Bowl Ad showing another teaser. One that we all enjoyed, but also felt cheated out of. We wanted more of a glimpse. As most of us expected to see something a little bit more, we were given another tease at the release of the same glimpse of the vehicle . Now with speculation rising it has left most to wonder what specifically this vehicle is going to look like.

All together it has brought some websites to forget the wait, developing their own interpretations and speculated opinions on what the new GMC Hummer EV might look like.

For instance developed their own image for the new electric vehicle. They gave an accurate representation of a pick up, and have left many to wonder whether this could potentially be the best guess in how the Hummer EV will turn out. GMC has mentioned the design model being a “truck”, however the ambiguity of the word and the use of the word for SUV models have left many confused.

For More information click the photo below and go read Jeff Perez’s article at Motor 1: “2022 GMC Hummer EV: Everything We Know” by Jeff Perez

What does the Plug Predict?

GMC has left nostalgic fan base on the edge of their seats. Confused by the vague use of the word truck, no one has been given any information regarding how this truck, be it a pick up or SUV will turn out. The only thing we still know for certain, is that the vehicle will be electric. The Hummer EV will run a 0-60 in 3 seconds. The Hummer EV will produce 1000 horsepower and 11,500 lbs. of torque. The EV will have a towing capacity of 50,000 lbs. The vehicle itself is expected to be an on/off road vehicle. GMC will have no problem producing such, that’s the easy part.

What is also expected is the AT4 GM package. How does this play into the new Hummer? Can we expect a copy of some of the aggressive aesthetic being incorporated into the EV? This is something we have seen in some of their latest trucks and we already know they plan to send this across all Sierra models.Altogether this too has been left to criticism. Whether or not the AT4 package is really for off-road capabilities or merely a show and tell? These are all things to be considered. It also raises questions on whether GMC is looking to completely remake this and give us something entirely different.

What does that mean?

This “Beast” as some have come to call it including ourselves in earlier posts, will probably look even more aggressive. The image we see by Motor 1 is probably the best guess we have at what a pick up will look like. The ambiguity however leaves us open to also consider an SUV design. Most of us miss the old look of the H3 and the SUT Hummers we grew up with. However, what does this mean for the new Hummer EV?

Well it makes the fan base consider a few things. First, as to what GMC intends to do with the Hummer EV joining its ranks. As most already know the AT4 is designated to extend to all makes and models from GMC. Is the Hummer EV the spark they need to officially make the switch? Second, whether or not the Hummer EV will be an affordable vehicle? With all the information being trown around, the price of this vehicle plays a major role in how well GMC will be able to shape the electric market.

To read our opinion on whether GMC will have what it takes to change the market click here.

Is GMC overrating their capabilities to produce this ‘Beast’?

Keeping this all in mind it really pushes the hand of GMC to not only execute something flawless, but to please the majority of their fan base. The hype and tension now being placed on them to fulfill the order is growing and it leaves many to question whether or not they can meet that expectation. It also leaves many to question whether they might be over rating their new Hummer EV. This vehicle won’t be what we are used to, but the name and its fans went silent and could GMC merely being playing too much into the nostalgia. Delivering news about a vehicle we have already come to love and are looking forward to. However could GMC’s own plans for the vehicle and its design change the way it is accepted by the Hummer fans who could potentially hate the look.

Again some of these questions we can’t answer but this as been Plug Plug. Keeping you up to date on everything you could ever need to know. Keep Plugging into Your Success. We will Keep you posted on everything we possibly can from GMC’s updates to other spectator’s reviews.

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