Xbox X Series, Will it beat the PS5?- The Plug’s Opinion

As most of us look into some of the latest releases and expect great things, most of us can probably look forward to the clash that has to be fought out at the last quarter of the year. Today Pluggers, we bring you our opinion on whether the Xbox X Series will have the ability to beat the PS5. For those new to the website go ahead and plug in and hit that subscribe button. This will help you to stay up to date on everything new and trending. Start plugging into your success with Plug Plug.

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What do we all know?

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What’s Certain?

We will do our best to make this brief with specs, this isn’t going to be solely about the performances of both machine. Rather the ability of both companies to please their fan base with something affordable and the timing of their release. Anyone can look at the specs and understand that they are going to perform outstandingly better compared to the consoles we have right now. However, for those just now looking into it, here’s what you need to know.

The Xbox X series has made a considerable promise to the fan base to completely change the overall power and processing of their console and fans couldn’t be more anxious for the release. Unlike Sony, Microsoft has left no reason to hide what components they are putting inside the X.

The X Series as most know will be twice as powerful the One X. In what Microsoft called a “design goal”, they plan to get the X series to run its games in 4k at 60fps all around. Something we can all appreciate.

“I think the area that we really want to focus on next generation is frame rate and playability of the games,” Spencer spoke on this in an interview with Gamespot. The end goal is to be the company, “Ensuring that the games load incredibly fast, ensuring that the game is running at the highest frame rate possible”, also said Spencer. The X series will also be capable of running 8k, although not entirely focused on, Microsoft hasn’t left it out. Something we can also come to respect.

What are we to speculate?

Well we come to speculate the usage of several components. The SSD storage and the GDDR6. We know that the Xbox X series will be reliant upon the use of the GDDR6 which most of us can acknowledge as a memory for graphic cards. The question is precisely how though? With both the PS5 and the X Series coming in with SSD as the standard opt., we can expect the X series to really rely on the GDDR6 as a really fast RAM.

Will they? Who knows? However, the focus on making this a fast RAM component really would align with Microsoft trying to accomplish what they have set out to do. Faster RAM means better performance. The ability to pick and stage access to information faster would minimize loading times.That along with the virtual RAM from the SSD really makes this console a beast in hindsight. There’s no way around it.

Our Opinion: Will Microsoft’s Xbox x be able to beat Sony’s PS5?

After thinking on this for a while, it really balls down to the time of their release and affordability as most have come to acknowledge. These two companies have controlled the market, the perception of one having to bend the knee is unheard of. However, 2020 brings us to a realization that perhaps only one of these can really win when it comes to meeting the demands of their fan base.

Both are said to release towards the end of 2020, however who will decide to get theirs out first?

If Sony produces the PS5 with the sole purpose of pleasing a smaller percentage of their fan base then Microsoft might actually pull a bigger crowd. With what most speculate might even be a $900 console it really pushes people away from looking into the PS5 upon release. It would also mean that the PS5 would have boosted sales for maybe 2021, but upon release, no. Again this is speculated, we can’t be certain as to what the price might be, but if it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, then most likely it is a duck. But, who knows, that’s why this is an opinion.

What does all this mean?

So perceptually there are two scenarios when it comes to release time. If Microsoft was to release after the PS5 and we all came to find out that the Sony console was way out of our price range, then Microsoft would be doing themselves a favor. In the situation that the PS5 is actually affordable, well Microsoft would be serving itself an undeserved “L”. Both consoles are beasts, but the overall hype that we have consistently seen from the PlayStation fan base could silence the “Xbox Only” crowd.

What did we end up concluding for the Xbox X Series?

Thus in our opinion it would probably serve Microsoft for the better to be the first to release their console. It only seems right that they weigh these into consideration, which we know they are. These are highly qualified business individuals who know what they are doing. The release of the Xbox X Series Console being first just weighs more on the benefit side. It beats serving their own company an “L” by releasing behind a potentially affordable PS5. Both companies have perpetually traded off who releases first, and in this type of intensity and speculation being produced and observed by both fan bases, timing is everything.

In the end we know both these consoles will perform exceptionally well. There isn’t really anyone questioning that. We do want to know how these companies plan to please the majority of their fan base aside from the overall performance of the console. This includes price and timing, and is something we really have to add up into weighing a factor in how well both these companies do in the 4th Quarter.

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