Hummer EV? What’s it mean for the Market?-Plug’s Opinion

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Hummer EV Who? Electric What?

GMC presented everyone with a teaser sneak peak of the new Electric Hummer EV a day ago. What does this mean for the market? Will this vehicle be able to compete with Elon’s Cybertruck? What does this mean for the age of electric vehicles? Find out here with Plug Plug, bringing you the latest and most relevant news about technology and lifestyle trends that will help you step into your success.

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Hummer EV, the Beast?

Today on Plug Plug we bring to your attention something that was merely rumored a year ago. That’s right the Hummer EV by GMC is here. As a result we expect to see how the market reacts to this vehicle when it fully releases in May 2020. Because of this we expect to analyze how this might change the market for electric vehicles. We will go over the mechanics and estimate how much this “Beast” of a vehicle might cost.

As we all know Hummer was dropped by GM many years ago when they concluded it wasn’t making them any money. Ever since the public hasn’t been too shy to say we miss the old name. Granted the Hummer had other complications too in regards to the fuel emission that gave it a terrible rep. Now having listened to the public and having worked in silence and utter darkness GMC brings us a new beast. In what they call a “Silent Revolution” will GMC have what it takes to shake the masses?

There is no clarification as to what the beast might look like, but Hummer fanatics like myself have been waiting and hopefully it lives up to the older models we saw back then. That is to say the SUT and H3 were some of our favorites despite the majority not liking Hummer, for drivers it gave them a sense of pride. To sum up our journey through time, its been a while and we are excited to see the changes.

Is the Hummer EV enough?

Elon Musk is probably siting comfortably in his office. He’s an expert at everything electric. He’s the man you talk to if you want to go electric. He has never strayed away from that consistency. GMC however, can they live up to the newfound hype they have built behind the 1000 horsepower and 11,500 lbs of torque beast of a vehicle?

First, I think it will have to do primarily with price. The Tesla itself has been economically friendly in regards to who can get their hands on one. Above all, if the price is not there then in conclusion neither will the customers. However, it brings to question whether they are marketing this to the average consumer. Hummer has always been a vehicle only a select few people would ever want to own or drive. Is this for old Hummer lovers who felt cheated at the discontinuation of the vehicle? If so, that makes this a totally different playing field. In comparison it would make it the equivalent to the Tesla Model S. However, these are just assumptions. That’s all we can ever really have at this moment while information is new and people are anxious.

The real question……

Secondly and lastly, It has to depend on what the Hummer EV is bringing to the playing field. Which at this rate we can all acknowledge 1000 horsepower, 11,500 lbs. of torque, and a 0-60 in 3 seconds. Pfffffft….. Who else is competing with those numbers? So is it enough? Yes, its enough. But is it too much for the market to handle?

We wont know til May 2020, so we pray and hope that this is something we can expect to grow and not flop.

We leave you with that for Today. This has been Plug Plug. Keeping you up to date with the latest and most relevant information on tech and lifestyle trends. Stay plugged! Start plugging into your success by innovating, communicating, and learning. Til next time.

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