3 Easy Ways to Generate A Passive Income Online

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Today Pluggers we are going to talk about some of the best ways you can produce passive income online. Coming in with the 3 Easiest Ways to producing a passive income Online, start stepping into your success by innovating, communicating, and learning what the market has to offer you. These ways are not certain to bring you income within the first few months of starting. I think that should be noted first, but with the right amount of patience and determination they can produce a full-time equivalent income for you and your household.

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Starting at the Bottom of our List………..

3. Becoming an Influencer

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Becoming an influencer for social media is a pretty convenient way to go. You are able to do everything from your phone if you decide to focus on just one platform over the other. Platforms like YouTube would require that you probably invest money into getting yourself a camera, lights and whatever is needed for the niche you decide to follow as an influencer. The main point in becoming an influencer and capitalizing off of it would be to run promotions for companies through direct advertising or through affiliate advertising.

As an influencer you would be responsible for creating exciting, attention captivating, and productive content. By productive, we can acknowledge that everything you post has a purpose and definitive reasoning as to how it will help bring in your audience. The number one rule in becoming an influencer is being persistently consistent. Whether it be uploading to your story, posting daily updates, or maybe even answering DM’s from your following to keep them up to date.

The last way you can earn money on social media is through selling your own products and becoming an businessman or businesswoman. Marketing your products on social media is the best way to start gaining attraction and for people to know who you are and what you are selling. This is called Brand Awareness, and if people aren’t aware then you can never expect to generate the potential income as other who do the same thing.

2. Photography

Photo by Pok Rie from Pexels

Photography is a great way to generate passive income. The simplest way to generate income through photography online is by selling your art as stock photos. Companies are always in need of great photos be it conceptual, abstract, or concrete companies will pay photographers for images that can help with eye appeal. Bloggers especially are always in constant need of stock photos to act as fillers for the information they are sharing. Stock photos are a great way to hold someone’s attention and captivate an audience so they don’t click away from the screen.

The second best way to earn money through photography would be to find a specific niche that allows you to become an expert at that sole craft. When you find this niche, like perhaps you only take pictures of super cars or perhaps you work with upcoming models, then you want to showcase your work through social media and offer your services to companies.

The best way to start this would be to branch out locally and then when you have generated enough income to start flying to take pictures for other companies that are possibly larger or might be paying more, then you generate a passive income that way.

The Third best way for photographers to start making passive income or for beginner photographers to make a passive income is to become a jack of all trades. Relying on prints to sell for you would be a great way to earn passive income. Applying your artwork to things like calendars, shirts, blankets, holiday cards, and etc. can be a satisfying and pleasing way to earn money as a photographer. This method is a probably the easiest and “user-friendly”, meaning just about anyone can do it.

It does however probably require the most investing if you can’t find a way to get the printing for a cheap or discounted price. For those that have accessible machines for printing like a DTG printer already, this is a great way to generate income with just your photos alone.

1.Start a Blog

Personally in my opinion, one of the best ideas for creating passive income is creating a blog. People hold many passions and critiques in their field of expertise. Blogging opens up a multifaceted platform that allows you to not only meet people in the same field of industry that are equally as passionate as you, but you can earn money by merely sharing your opinion, giving your testimony, and overall creating content that viewers can enjoy and have fun discussing. This will help you generate a passive income.

Out of the three mentioned, gaining an audience for your blog can take a while to see results and a lot of work to get going. However, running ads on your blog can help increase your passive income. This requires you to be really well spoken. When you have generated enough unique viewings it is important you maintain that following and ensure that they are always coming back. In hopes that said was achieved, companies who begin to notice the traction you are receiving from your following for whatever it is your blog covers will ask you to help them market their product or service.

Sometimes waiting around sucks. This doesn’t mean you should give up though. Waiting around for affiliates can be a long wait, but nothing is stopping you from asking these companies yourself. Asking smaller start-up companies if they need help marketing their product for a certain price contingently based on click rates can never hurt. The worse a company can do is say, “No not at the present moment,” or “Sorry, however we thank you for the interest in wanting to helping us.”

The likelihood however of them saying “no” when your blog has developed a broad audience and a consistent fan base are very unlikely. Direct advertising deals can give you long term deals that can help boost your income. It is a good way to build your communication skills and most likely you will find yourself in good standing with smaller start up companies and;or big companies depending on your following.

The best way to go about advertising is through affiliate advertising links. Affiliate links like those offered through the Amazon Affiliate Program allow you to earn up to 10% of every sale in advertising fees. Definitively if you have a following that has come to trust you and your word on certain products on items you can come to make a nice income.

The Affiliate program is free with Amazon and to avoid any complications, I’d only recommend bloggers with a following of about 750-2,000 unique viewers consistently every post to try this form of advertising. My advice to those just starting, never give up. Don’t lose focus, and keep striving for success. Promote your blog anywhere and everywhere, and watch what hard work can turn into.

This concludes the 3 Easy Ways to Generate a Passive Income Online. Stay Plugged. See you tomorrow and Start plugging into your success.

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